Intsa Hire


Step 1

The client has a qualified candidate and need for immediate hire and cannot wait for their own process to release the hiring freeze.


Step 2

The client has their candidate go through 5Star-SRCT INSTA HIRE process.Application
* Background Check
* Safety and Policy Guidelines
* Reference Check
* Drug Screening (at the request of the client)
* Any additional forms requested by the client
* I9
* W4
* Direct Deposit Form
Step 3
Within 24 hours, the client’s candidate is approved for payroll through 5Star-SRCT and begins work.

How to Get Started

Call one of our representatives toll free at 919.396.8545 to simply give us the candidate’s information so we can contact them to get started. The candidate can then apply online in minutes. We will then perform a background check and will immediately notify you once they are approved according to your guidelines. If they aren’t, then we will take care of that. They can start today!

The candidate uploads their signed time sheet to our website every week and are paid weekly. This is also beneficial to the candidate while they are waiting to become a full-time employee. We take care of all of the taxes, insurance and risks. When you are sure they are the right fit and your paperwork is complete, simply call us and you can transfer them to your payroll with no additional fees.

Program Benefits

Liabilities & Unemployment Protection should you have to part ways with the employee, we will handle the phone call and take care of the paperwork and all liabilities, saving you thousands of dollars and headaches.

INSTA Hire Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of employees can I Insta Hire ?
Any employee that you need to hire immediately.
Does 5Star-SRCT perform background checks?
Yes we do. We perform a comprehensive background screening, E-Verify to confirm eligibility, a reference check and drug screening (upon request).
After choosing a candidate, what is the waiting period for buy out 60 days